Inspirational Ideas Using Solar Lights in Your Pergola

If you have a pergola in your backyard, you might want to try hanging a few solar lights in it. Not only will it give off a nice glow during the day, but it will also look stunning at night. You can find wall sconces in various styles to match the decor of your pergola. This is a great idea if your pergola is against a boundary wall. You can even hang a garden fireplace in your pergola to complete the look.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on these, you can also use solar lights in your garden to decorate spice jars and other decorative objects. They also work well in areas where you don’t have a pergola or a roof. If you don’t have a pergola, you can attach solar lights to poles and hang them from them. These are very versatile and can be placed in different areas of your yard.

String lights and fairy lights are also a great way to add some light to your pergola. Fairy string lights, also known as rice lights, can be hung from overhead beams. You can also install decorative LED table lamps in different designs. They are an affordable and convenient option to lighting up your pergola. This way, you can have the ambience of a cosy nook at night. This way, you can sit around the fire and talk about the day’s events or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings at night.

For a romantic dinner with your partner, you can also install a candle-like sconce. A permanent sconce is electric, while a candle sconce can provide the perfect ambiance. Alternatively, you can install fairy lights around the perimeter of your pergola using U-shaped galvanized staples. You can also attach them to the beams of the pergola using a zigzag or straight pattern. Make sure that you turn off the lights before installing them.

Another way to add lighting to your pergola is to add a sunshade. If you have louvered pergola roofs, you can install solar pergola lights that can light up your walkways and add a beautiful accent to your pergola. The lights can be controlled remotely. Hanging outdoor lights can also be attractive and energy-efficient. You can even install fire pits in your pergola to create an intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.

Another way to decorate your pergola with lights is to hang colorful hanging lights. These lights are great for parties because of their bright and colorful glow. They do not require cords or batteries and automatically turn on when the sun goes down. They are waterproof and are also very durable. They will not cause a fire, but will provide a beautiful illumination for your pergola. You can also place LED floodlights on the soffit to give visibility even in corners.

Solar string lights are another popular outdoor lighting option. Wrapping them around branches, a gazebo’s entrance, or even a garden fence can add an ambiance to your garden at night. Besides adding color and light to your garden, these lights are great for hiding unsightly outdoor eyesores. Some of them even have a solar panel on one end. For an even simpler lighting solution, simply attach plug-in solar lights to your pergola.