• Inspiration

    Inspirational Ideas Using Solar Lights in Your Pergola

    If you have a pergola in your backyard, you might want to try hanging a few solar lights in it. Not only will it give off a nice glow during the day, but it will also look stunning at night. You can find wall sconces in various styles to match the decor of your pergola. This is a great idea if your pergola is against a boundary wall. You can even hang a garden fireplace in your pergola to complete the look. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on these, you can also use solar lights in your garden to decorate spice jars and other decorative objects. They…

  • Garden entertaining spaces for guests

    Inspirational Ideas to Create Entertaining Spaces in Your Garden

    If you’ve been pondering how to make your garden an outdoor room, here are some inspirational ideas. Try planting an edible garden or putting in a small wind chime. Creating an open space in your garden for a ballgame or a billiard table can also create an inviting space. Whether you want your garden to be an area for quiet reflection, or a space to entertain friends, lighting is essential. If you want to entertain in your garden, consider creating separate areas for different functions. For example, you can create an outdoor dining area for formal summer dinners, as well as a comfortable seating area for long conversations. You can…