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Garden Games to Play With Your Family

If you are looking for garden games to play with your kids, lawn bowls is a fantastic choice. Lawn bowls requires a large range of space to play, but is easy to take along with you to the park. The rules are simple and anyone can play. The game is ideal for the beach as well, providing hours of entertainment for everyone. Read on for more information on lawn bowls and how you can play with your family.

Tug of war

A traditional game of snakes and ladders is an activity that can be enjoyed with your family and friends. You can either play indoors or outdoors with this fun game. Each player takes turns moving up and down the snakes and ladders. You can also try out the horse shoe pitching game, a classic American game that will surely delight the entire family. The best part about this game is that it is suitable for all ages and can be played by the whole family.

Another game that you can play with your family is Viking chess. This ancient game is still enjoyed by many people today. You can purchase a replica of the game from a specialist retailer. You will need a sheet and a rope for this game. You can also tie an old T-shirt around the rope as a center point. The players try to knock the jack down by being accurate and hitting their opponents.

Egg or water balloon race

This summer, you can make the egg or water balloon race a competitive event by splitting your children into pairs. First, inflate the balloons. Next, pass them back and forth between the children until one child is left standing. You can play this game with a long rope, but make sure your teams are all equal in strength. In the summer months, tying your legs together and running to the end of your garden is also a fun game.

You can also play egg relay with your kids. This classic game requires two teams, each with a spoon. Each team must carry the egg on the spoon to a turnaround point, then pass the egg back and forth. If an egg lands on a teammate’s leg, the team must retrieve it and begin the race again. For a more complicated game, play with colored water balloons.

Toppling tower game

One of the traditional garden games that you can play with your family is the toppling tower game. This popular game is a favorite with kids and adults alike. This game is fun and requires skill and strategy. You can make up custom rules or use the standard ones. You can play this game for a family game night or a date with your kids. It is a great way to spend a weekend.

For outdoor play, you can set up a large version of this game. Make sure to allow a wide range of space, as the tower may fall and damage nearby objects. Make sure there is adequate space for everyone to play without getting into a fight. Another great way to get outside is to play this game in the park. You can find the rules online or on a brochure, but the most important part of the game is deciding on them beforehand.


If you don’t have an outdoor space at home, you can set up classic games on the lawn. Capture the flag never gets old, and a hula hoop contest will test your hips. The three-legged race is another crowd-pleaser. You can also set up a badminton net in your backyard and challenge your friends to a friendly game. Croquet is another old-time favorite.

Croquet is another traditional game that is timeless and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Croquet dates back to the XII century and was originally played by the landed gentry. The British borrowed the game around 1300 and modified it to become golf and croquet. The game’s modern version originated in Ireland and was known as Crookey. The traditional game is not only fun for adults, but is also enjoyed by older children. In croquet, you tap a ball through hoops and keep score.

Connect four

Whether you want to spend a quiet afternoon with your family or host a party for friends, Connect Four is a classic game that will have the entire family laughing. This game comes with a variety of pieces that can be used in any outdoor setting. It is a great way to break the ice with friends and family. You can find an heirloom-quality maple wood version that comes with 58 wooden blocks, which measure up to 230cm long.

This game can be played by two players. Each player takes turns dropping a colored disc into an empty column. The object of the game is to make a horizontal line with at least four of their own tokens. If you can accomplish this, you win the game! In this version, the first player to reach the center of the grid will win the game. Using the outer columns isn’t necessary to win, but it is possible to force the other player to go in the middle column and win.